Scholarship Recipients

Scholarships are annually awarded to deserving graduating high school seniors in each of the four high schools in the city of Hampton, Virginia and three scholarships to upper class college students.   The 2017 scholarship recipients are as follows:

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Four (4) Academic High School Scholarships – 2,000

Ericka Allen, Bethel High School

Danielle Henry, Bethel High School

Memuri Dominique,  Hampton High School

Janaria Lickey, Hampton High School


Four (4) Book Scholarships – $600

Gabriella Boone, Phoebus High School – Minnie Ross Turner Book Scholarship

Mackenzie Woodard, Kecoughtan High School , Dr. Betty H. Peters Book Scholarship

Lynise Nesmith, Bethel High School

NMaia Griffith, Hampton High School


Three (3) Continuing Education Scholarships – $1,000

Ms. Breyah Evans, Hampton University

Mr. Drayvon Hardy, Virginia State University

Breanna Miller, Norfolk State University


2017 Scholarship Recipients 

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